Seductive charm of Ubud

Today is the third day i was here. in ubud bali. initially when i make a plan for holiday in bali, i just think to stay all the time in hotel. read some books, listening to music, watch tv, or playing games in my ipad.

and that right, the first day here, yes i just stay in my room. moreover i arrived here afternoon, so i decide to take a rest, after long journey from my room at mampang, in south jakarta.

Mother and Son at Monkey Forest

but yesterday, it's mean the second day here, the monkey forest tease me. it's because the hotel's officer said to me, that place only a hundred meters from the hotel. after breakfast, i went there. 

Looking for lice at Monkey Forest


about two years ago, i was there with my little sister, but at that time, we only have a little time, so we just look around a quick look. but yesterday, finally i can see the all part of monkey forest. it turns out this place has a lot of interesting objects. I spent about five hours for the circumference. it's awesome.

Paddy field in Ubud


and today, the third day i was here, i rent a motorcycle and traveling around ubud. i came to paddy field in the village and saw the farmer are harvesting. nice thing. about five or six streets in Ubud I browse until afternoon. by the way, to rent a motorcycle only need 50.000 rupiah a day.

and for tomorrow, maybe i will go to denpasar and kuta, still with my motorcycle.

evidently, i can't just silent in my room. although initially the plan as it

Yeah... it's awesome and so fun to be here. I love Ubud, I love Bali, I love my country Indonesia...

november 3, 2014-09.17pm